Musical Ideas Right Now

The lineup for my band:
Patrick Lew - Vocals, Guitar
David Arceo - Drums

We’re planning to go to Plug N Play here in San Francisco, California some time to rehearse and probably record us jamming on my Macbook.

There’s no bass player, no cocky lead guitarist, and no producer. Just me and Stitch. I think we’re like pulling a Black Keys here.

My official YouTube for the Patrick Lew Band! Check it out. And subscribe!

This is my new girlfriend Pitalu. She’s a very awesome girl, and so far so good! She’s definitely a keeper. :)

I’m in a new relationship with my friend Pitalu. My last words regarding my former girlfriend Faith.

Me and my ex, who was also my first serious girlfriend, were basically like Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson except much worse. I admit there were a lot of things I wish I could have handled differently and I feel pretty ashamed to admit that. But we were arguing too much, and it was a very unstable relationship. It had nothing to do with her physical appearance, she made a lot of claims about me which might or might not be true, but I was very stressed, emotionally wrecked, and I was smoking 30 to 40 cigarettes a day when things got that bad. I knew the situation was always gonna always be like this, and that’s why we ended.

I also had a lot of bad relationships with other women before her, and some of them actually did treat me like dirt in the past. My ex at one point was very nice to me, but every now and then, we would argue and nothing would ever get compromised. In the end, she wanted to change me into something I’m not, and she would do nothing but be so brutally honest with me, I would feel even worse about myself. And she would never apologize for it either. She also had no faith in me for the most part towards the tail end of it, and she also cost me a lot of my friendships, my money, and she also controlled me when it came to some things. I’m lucky to be alive and laughing about it now as I reminisce, but I was really depressed that time.

I don’t want to be a repeat of my ex’s in this new relationship I’m in, I’m gonna prove everyone out there I’m gonna be the better person that I can be for this person.

But I’m learning from my mistakes, and I have a girlfriend now by the name of Pitalu, and I want to do what not many has done for me in love. Which is treat her very well and make her feel great about us. I am a very romantic person deep down, and I’m willing to go the extra mile to be worth it all. I know I’m not the most normal guy or even sanest of all people, but I want to go the extra mile for my Latin girlfriend and prove to everyone I’m capable of doing what’s right.

Time to cut the cord again! I just woke up, and the mailman delivered me this beautiful and stunning outdoor digital TV antenna from Antennas Direct. I live in San Francisco, and this awesome maker of TV antennas was selling a limited supply of outdoor antennas to former Aereo customers for $10 only. $10 man! It was a good deal. How can I say no to that? HDTV is fo real!

I was in a 6 year on and off again relationship with my former girlfriend Faith, but I decided to part ways two weeks ago. It’s a long story. It’s hard to let go, but sometimes you got to start from scratch again.

Backstreet Boys concert.